Gwen & Kate's Library

Two sisters' reviews of Young Adult and Middle Grade books, inspired by their lovely library.

G&K’s Infographics: Books That Sound Better if You Remove The Last Letter. . .

Presenting Gwen & Kate’s second infographic: Books That Sound Better if You Remove The Last Letter of the Title. Ex: The Da Vinci Cod, Illusions of Fat, and Cate of the Lost Colon. Enough said? (Warning: mild potty talk will ensue.)


Master List: (based off sound, not exact spelling)

The Da Vinci Cod

The Dark and Deadly Poo

Catching Fir

The Morning Gif

My Life Next Doo

Hotel Rub

Harry Potter and the Cursed Chill

The Hell

Cate of the Lost Colon

Bitter Like Orange Pee

White Ho

The Velveteen Rabbi

Watch Me

How To Be Goo

The Day of the Ow

Disturbed by Her Son

A Time to Dance, No Time to Wee

Magic Stud

Alice in Tim

The Swimming Poo

The Phantom Toll Boot

A Court of Mist and Fur

The Graveyard Boo

The Undead Poo

The Girl Who Drank the Moo

Illusions of Fat

Forest Bore

The Silent Whiff

(Please excuse the unladylike humor. . . I couldn’t help myself.)


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