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Top Ten Tuesday #30: Books That Would Be On My Syllabus If I Taught History 101


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish blog. This week’s theme is Top Ten Books That Would Be On My Syllabus If I Taught X 101. Although most bloggers will probably choose YA fiction books, I’m going to lean more towards non fiction for this Top Ten Tuesday (and planning for my future as history professor of course :-) ) and select History 101 as my X! Note that I have not read all of these books yet in their entirely, but I have read either excerpts or done much research into them.

Top Five History Books (either assign the entire book or provide excerpts for class readings):

1.) Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen

2.) Personalities and Problems: Interpretive Essays in World Civilizations by Ken Wolf

3.) Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

4.) Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky

5.) A World Lit Only by Fire by William Manchester

Top Five Historical Fiction Books (to accompany class learning):

1.) Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

2.) City of Thieves by David Benioff

3.) Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

4.) A Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

5.) A Girl with A Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier


2 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday #30: Books That Would Be On My Syllabus If I Taught History 101

  1. Peter
    September 1, 2015

    Awesome list! I’d add Octavian Nothing to the fiction.

    • gwenkate
      September 1, 2015

      I had a lot of fun making it! Hmm yes, that’s a good idea — however, it’s not one of my favorite books. I’m not sure it’s one I’d ever re-read, unfortunately. Thanks Peter!

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