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Gwen & Kate’s Clerihews: Poking Fun at Favorite Authors Through Poetry

A clerihew is a short poem or comic, typically in two rhyming couplets (AABB rhyme scheme) with quick, uneven lines. It pokes fun at a famous person, and the first line is typically that person’s name. The poem style originated in the 1920s, and were invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley, who was a famous English writer at the time.

In celebration of this fun poetry style, Kate and I are going to make good-humored jokes about some of our favorite and dearly beloved authors (and one audiobook narrator, Katherine Kellgren), which you will probably only understand if you have read their books (so I encourage you to read them all!) Please excuse my awful poetry — unusually enough, I prefer to read and recite other people’s poetry than write my own, but I’m making an exception for this unique (and fun!) style. Note that the better ones are written by Kate, including J.K. Rowling, Shannon Hale, and Gwen & Kate. This leaves me, Gwen, as the author of John Green, L.A. Meyer, and Katherine Kellgren, and we collaborated on Kerstin Gier and Tamora Pierce. Enjoy!

John Green

Is very mean.

And shortens a character’s average life expectancy

To page one hundred thirty three.

J.K. Rowling,

As she went strolling,

Was mobbed by eager fans —

And boy did she wish she had more hands!

L.A. Meyer

Will never tire

Of telling all of Jacky’s truths and lies,

Or at least until she dies.

Katherine Kellgren

Could charm even a hen

And with a mere cluck

She’d leave even a rooster awestruck.

All hail Shannon Hale,

Who wrote many a remixed fairy tale.

Through wind, and trees, and water, and fire,

Shannon Hale was always higher!

Kerstin Gier,

If she were here,

I’d give a tube of glue

To attach Ruby Red and Emerald Green to the front and back of Sapphire Blue.

Tamora Pierce

Wrote of women brave and fierce,

But sadly even all the men

Wouldn’t make for a good mother hen.

Gwen & Kate

Act like they’re eight;

When a new book comes out

They shout and shout and shout!

What do you think? Post your own clerihew of a favorite (or least favorite) author or book character in the comments!


2 comments on “Gwen & Kate’s Clerihews: Poking Fun at Favorite Authors Through Poetry

  1. Sarah G.
    August 3, 2014

    I’ve been trying to come up with one, but I feel put on the spot (and no one is even watching). Hopefully, an idea will strike me! Haha, I at least wanted to let you know I enjoyed this post and the clerihews. =)

    • gwenkate
      August 3, 2014

      Thanks so much! They are hard to come up with — and I don’t claim that any of mine are good in any way, but they were fun to write! Kate and I did it together around the dinner table :-)

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