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Gwen & Kate’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Beloved Books

If you like to keep your books in good condition, there are some obvious things you shouldn’t do, such as write in them, spill food on them, or defenestrate them (defenestration is my new favorite word, being a Latin nerd, since it derives from de, meaning “down from,” and fenestra, meaning “window,” and it literally means to throw something or someone out of a window). But there are some less known tricks that can keep your books in tip-top condition for much longer than their normal life expectancy.

1.) How to open a new book:


2.) Avoid high temperatures and humidities in your library or wherever your keep your books, because this can make the pages wavy. In general, if you are comfortable, your books should be too.

3.) Always store books upright or flat on the shelf, and never lean them or stand them up on their own without support (especially paperbacks). Upright books should be supported by similar sized books on either side, and not be packed too tightly on the shelf. Storing books horizontally can keep the glue in a better condition and keep the pages attached for longer.

4.) To properly remove a book from a shelf, pull it towards you by holding on either side of the spine, pushing aside the books next to it if necessary. Never pull the book out from the top of the spine.

5.) If you dust your books (always a good idea) make sure to dust the tops away from the spine so that dust doesn’t get stuck and stay behind the spine.

6.) Never place a book down on a table and push the sides open to 180 degrees. Instead, hold the book in your hands, or gently allow the book to lay open as it naturally does. Similarly, never put a book face down on a page to keep it marked, and use a bookmark instead (but never dog-ear).


One comment on “Gwen & Kate’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Beloved Books

  1. bobandkilehgotoalaska
    May 21, 2014

    I have a lot of habits to break. Need to really respect my books. thank you

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