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Gwen’s Love of Liar’s Moon by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Liar’s Moon is even better than the first in the series, Star Crossed. It starts up very quickly with a run-in with Durrel, Digger’s savior from the first book, in prison, the most unlikely of places to find this handsome lord.


Series: Thief Errant, Book 2

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

Rating: 4.5 stars


Prisons, poisons, and passions combine in a gorgeously written fantasy noir.

As a pickpocket, Digger expects to spend a night in jail every now and then. But she doesn’t expect to find Lord Durrel Decath there as well–or to hear he’s soon to be executed for killing his wife.

Durrel once saved Digger’s life, and when she goes free, she decides to use her skills as a thief, forger, and spy to return the favor. But each new clue only opens up new mysteries. Durrel’s late wife had an illegal business on the wrong side of the civil war raging just outside the city gates. Digger keeps finding forbidden magic in places it has no reason to be.

And for a thief in a town full of liars, sometimes it doesn’t pay to know the truth.



Liar’s Moon is even better than the first in the series, Star Crossed. It starts up very quickly with a run-in with Durrel, Digger’s savior from the first book, in prison, the most unlikely of places to find this handsome lord. The focus of this book is on the mysterious murder of Talth Ceid, Durrel’s late wife, rather than the still growing rebellion that the first book focused on. One thing that prevented this book from earning five stars was the fact that the central point of the story changes so quickly. In the first book (spoilers for the first book), Digger is living at Bryn Shaer with Lord and Lady Nemair, their daughter Merista, her annoying companion Phandre, and Prince Wierolf, but in the second, none of these characters appear in person or are even mentioned very often. Instead, there is a whole new cast of chacters such as Rat, Digger’s roommate, and Koya, Durrel’s  step-daughter are in the spotlight, along with Durrel, Raffin and Lord Ragn from the beginning of book one. And I was confused by the fact that although Digger’s lack of a few fingers, caused by a dagger fight in Star Crossed, should have impacted her ability to steal like she used to, this handicap of hers is only mentioned one or two times in an offhand manner through the course of this book.

Something I was relieved about was that this book is much less confusing than the first, since the intricacies of the fantasy world Digger lives in are already thoroughly explored by this point. The plot starts up very quickly and the mystery and adventure keep you interested and engaged, although the beginning seems as if Digger is back where she started in book 1, living as a street thief in Gerse. Characters continue to grow and develop, and a new romance sprouts, different from the one that was hinted at in the first book.

This book reads like a maze, with lots of twists and turns, countless dead ends, and a ton of fun along the way! I really enjoyed Liar’s Moon, and am extremely devastated because the third book in this series is not currently going to be published at all. I hope that the publishers will change their minds if enough people buy and read this book, so I will eventually find out what happens to Digger and the unique world she lives in.


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